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An SEO Software Made for
Small Business Websites

Meet SureLocal SEO, your affordable, in-house SEO expert. With step-by-step guidance and just a few hours every month, elevate any small business website to the top of Google. Explore our key features to see how we empower small businesses.

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The paint-by-numbers approach to SEO.

Surelocal SEO has all the features to get small business websites to the top of Google. Each part provides simple step-by-step recommendations that anyone in your team can implement in only a few hours every month. Watch a complete demo of the platform below.

Explore our key features.

The SureLocal SEO platform has a range of different features that enable anyone to optimize any website.

Find out more by clicking on the different sections.

Build an SEO Strategy

Successful SEO requires building the right strategy. Surelocal SEO walks you through creating the perfect strategy that will target and drive your ideal customers to your website.

Find the Right Keywords

Discover Content Topics

Analyse Your Competition

Improve Your Content

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Local SEO Strategy

Easily Make SEO Changes

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Surelocal SEO guides you through the actions you need to take to improve your organic visibility. Every month you get a new SEO ‘to-do’ list, which covers every important action and is explained simply so that anyone can action their own SEO.

Easy-To-Follow Actions

AI-Powered Content Creation

Technical SEO Improvements

Discover PR Backlink Opportunities

Competitor Backlink Analysis

Improve Pagespeed

Track & Report Results

Track your SEO performance and build SEO reports so you can see what’s working and what needs more focus. SureLocal SEO tracks your rankings in Google, your traffic, backlinks and lots more. Easy-to-understand, actionable insights in a report.

Report Builder

Keyword Rankings

Google Analytics & Search Console

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Google My Business

Drive more traffic with only a few hours per month.

Boost your website’s visibility and drive more traffic with SureLocal SEO!

Our platform is trusted by over 10,000 small business users to get their websites to the top of Google.

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